Game Managers

Leadership over individual games is handled by the Game Manager. This person, typically ranked as a Captain, oversees all operations of their game and will make decisions to enhance that game to make it the best that it can be. As part of this each Game Master has specific responsibilities that they must remain aware of.

A Game Manager is considered the authority on his or her game. The Game Manager will oversee the operations of the game and will work to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to be actively involved with the game and its story. The Game Manager may also appoint additional Game Masters for the game to help with administrative needs of the game. The Game Manager will initiate the storyline and will ensure that the narrative progresses appropriately. The Game Manager will also encourage players to develop side stories that help to further develop their character and story. The Game Manager should summarize the monthly events in the game in the form of a Game Manager’s Log that will be shared on the website of the 16th Fleet. At no time may a Game Manager promote his or herself above the rank of Captain or the equivalent of the rank of Captain.

A Game Manager will work to recruit for his/her game. The Game Manager will develop advertisements and will post them in appropriate recruitment sites. The Game Manager will select candidates from applicants and has the right to approve or deny membership requests. The Game Manager may also deny requests for membership forwarded by the Fleet Commander from the general applicant pool. The Game Manager may assign ranks and promote players up to and including the rank of Commander.

A Game Manager will work with his/her Executive Officer to help cultivate skills to become a Commanding Officer should a position become available. The Game Manager may choose to transfer control over storyline portions to the Executive Officer to help with skills development, but should not place the XO in full control over the game unless the Game Manager is away for a defined period. In an emergency temporary command can be transferred to the XO if necessary.

The Game Manager will work with players to develop a positive and rewarding roleplaying experience. The Game Manager may choose to reward players for unique contributions and will be able to nominate players for the player of the year award. Special contributions should also be addressed in the monthly Game Manager’s Log. The Game Manager will work to resolve any morale issue and may choose to bring in other Game Masters or the Fleet Commander if needed to try to resolve a problem. Each Game Master will also attend and encourage his/her players to attend the general membership meeting that is available to all participants in the 16th Fleet.

The Game Manager will address any complaint received within 48 hours and is responsible for the discipline of the game under his/her command. In the event that the situation requires the assistance of the Fleet Commander the Game Master will connect with the Fleet Commander to advise of the situation. The Fleet Commander will only step in without being requested if the complaint would disrupt operations of the entire 16th Fleet. The Game Manager may choose to remove any player for failure to meet game standards. Summarily, the administration of the 16th Fleet reserves the right to also remove a Game Manager for failure to maintain the standards of the organization. All Game Managers will participate in the Game Manager’s Leadership Forum of the 16th Fleet.

A Game Manager may choose to resign from his/her command by forwarding a notification to the Fleet Commander. The notification will include the reason for the resignation and a plan to effectively deactivate the game. The Game Manager may retract their resignation for up to 7 days following its submission. In the event that hosting is provided for the game by the 16th Fleet it cannot be guaranteed that the game will be allowed to maintain that hosting if it chooses to continue outside of membership with the 16th Fleet.

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