About us

Unlike most groups, in 16th Fleet all players are considered equal. Players are openly encouraged to participate in the decision-making process for our group and we have bi-monthly membership meetings through our Discord channel to discuss happenings throughout our group and to ensure that we are on the correct path for all of our members to best enjoy their time with us.

Each game is led by a Moderator who also serves as the Game Manager for the group. The Game Manager develops a storyline that actively includes all players in the game they oversee. Players are encouraged in our games to explore character building storylines on their own including the development of their own subplots to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

The players of the 16th Fleet have a strong belief in the development of a community of gamers built on the concepts of mutual cooperation and respect. This led to the development of Project Unity, a 16th Fleet initiative designed to build an inclusive and safe simming community.