• Captain's Logs

    Langely Station, Captain’s Log, April 2020

    “Monthly Update for Starfleet Command” Kate said to start the new report she had to send in. Normally Ron would do this, but he was on a mission so the task had fallen back to her. “It’s been almost six months since the station got activated here and I think we’ve almost completed settling in. We’re still looking for some people in key positions, but overall, all department have everything they need to run. This week has been a bit slower due to a simple virus that somehow got through the filters and caused many crew to be sick and unable to work. Engineering says the filters have been fixed…

  • Out of Character

    New Sim – Langley Station

    Zodiac Fleet is happy to announce the arrival of new friends to our adventures among the stars. Under the command of Captain Kate Banninga, Langley Station is not your average game. The primary focus of the Station is to provide its writers with opportunities, character development, and friendship. They operate in an open world system, running ‘mini-missions’ that focus on Starfleet, the Station, and an an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in their neighborhood. They are all about the growth and development of their entire crew as writers and as characters – a fundamental goal of Zodiac Fleet. Join me in welcoming Langley Station to the Zodiac Fleet…

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