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    Deep Space 18, Captain’s Log, December 2020

    Fleet Captain Rex McCormick, commanding Deep Space Eighteen. Well, I’ve said goodbye to most if not all of my senior officers. Starfleet’s timing hasn’t been great with this reallocation of resources. I am apprehensive about who I get to replace the officers I’ve lost. We’ve had a good working relationship over the past couple of years. The Voth have been more active in the last couple of months. The Ticonderoga is currently docked at the station undergoing battle damage after a brief scuffle with a Voth scout ship. We’ve also heard from the Malon that there’s a Hirogen hunting party in the region which we need to be mindful of,…

  • Out of Character

    New Sim: Deep Space 18

    Good Evening everyone, I was once told that what you do on December 31st and January 1st of a year give you an example of what your year will be like. I am very hopeful for this coming year because I have the distinct honor of announcing another new member simulation within our Fleet, led by our dear friend SteveClaypole. Plus, it is exploring something that has been a longstanding goal of this fleet: a return to the Delta Quadrant! Situated at the Delta Quadrant exit of the Terix Gateway, Deep Space 18 is a recently constructed Starbase that serves as the Federation’s home in this distant realm. Their mission is a…

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