Name: U.S.S. Orion
Registry: NCC-74319
Assigned Division Task Group Phoenix
Status: Active

Featured Open Positions:
Featured Open Positions
Chief Counseling Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer

The destruction of Romulus had a profound impact on the Star Empire. Families were destroyed, allegiances broken. The old ways were cast off as an entire people sought meaning in a new, dangerous reality. Different factions vie for supremacy over the remnants of the Star Empire. Great noble houses fight to gain a foothold in the Romulan Senate while the Tal Shiar and military groups muscle each other over resource-rich systems. At the same time, Klingons, Breen and other nonaligned rogues have challenged Romulan space on more than one occasion. The Federation has received communication from the Romulans with a peaceful overture. Starfleet has tasked the USS Orion with bringing the olive branch to the Romulans. In doing so, the Orion will work to establish relations with the different Romulan factions, promote peace and political stability and investigate hostile actions inside Romulan space. The USS Orion is an age 13+ sim set in the year 2395 along the Romulan border. Not only do we seek strong simmers to crew the great Galaxy-class starship in many capacities, but also anyone interested in taking an NPC role as a Romulan. In doing so, we seek to expand the Romulan side of the writing. Are you a cunning military commander, intent on showing why strength will rebuild the Empire? Perhaps you're a young woman, next in line to lead your noble house in the new Romulan Senate. Or are you an unknown adversary, keen on exploiting Romulan weakness to your own advantage with your own ship? The possibilities are endless. And only time will tell which sides will rise above the rest to determine the future of the region.