Name: U.S.S. Gemini
Registry: NCC-0622
Assigned Division Task Group Phoenix
Status: Active

Featured Open Positions:
Featured Open Positions
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

“On this day, we come together in unity and remembrance”, said S’Ten R’Mor, the new Head Regent of the Romulan Federation in the assembly hall of Federation Starbase 230. The recent years have not been kind to the Romulan people. We have faced tragedy, strife, and war. Today that ends in peace…” At that moment an explosion ripped through the hall sending people and debris flying. The red alert klaxons blared throughout the station. Despite both the Romulan and Federation’s best efforts even now someone was trying to prevent peace and prosperity. The USS Gemini, a proud member of the 16th Fleet, is a sim set in a ‘quasi-Abramsverse’ (the Hobus star exploded, Romulus was destroyed, but Nero never made it back in time to destroy Vulcan), in the year 2395 is seeking players. Join us as we help secure the Romulan Border.