Name: Langley Station
Registry: Starbase 65
Assigned Division Task Group Phoenix
Status: Active
Command Crew:
Commanding Officer - Captain Kate Banninga
Executive Officer - Commander Ronald Hawk
Chief of Strategic Operatons / Second Officer - Lieutenant Clint McCord
Chief of Security - Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Chief Station Operations - Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen
Diplomatic Envoy - Zemi N'Orgun
Chief Research Officer - Lieutenant Commander Caoimhe O'Connor
Assistant Chief Research Officer - Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Golf Company Commander - Major Jack Wells
Fighter Pilot - 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud
Second Officer USS Sedna - Lieutenant Commander Tyrlai Zade

Featured Open Positions:
Featured Open Positions
Chief Diplomat
Command Master Chief
Ass Chief Flight Control
Ass Chief Security
Ass Chief Medical
Ass Chief Civilian Affairs
Ass Chief Strategic Operations
Ass Station Operations
Air Wing Commander
Fighter Pilots

We, here at Langley, are absolutely not your "average RPG". Our primary focus is providing our writers with a shipload (of individual opportunities, including a focus on PC and NPC reactions. As a simm, our focus is on individual character development, coupled collaboration between our writers, and even with other RPG’s. We operate in our own, unique open world system. As a result, we run 'mini-missions' that focus on events related to the fleet, or more frequently, specifically to station development: reflections of an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in our stellar neighborhood. We strive for each writer to have a firm idea of what their personal story is: and as a Command Team, it's our goal to mediate, and facilitate, the growth and development of our entire crew as writers and as characters. Our website Our Discord To join us!