Deep Space 18

Registry: DS-18

Assigned Division: Task Force Mjolnir

Status: Active

About the Simulation

The year is 2399 and Starfleet has begun to explore the Delta Quadrant. It’s been 7 years since the stable Terix Gateway was activated and the Federation began sending resources through.

The Terix Gateway was a joint venture between the Romulan Star Empire and Starfleet. It uses a blackhole, located in the Terix system in Romulan space, to power the gateway and open the rift which allows vessels to pass through safely. Although needing three months to fully charge, this allows fairly regular contact with the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to allow for supplies and crew transfers to happen on a fairly regular basis.

A Embassy Class Starbase, which would act as Starfleet’s Headquarters for their operations in the Delta Quadrant, was transported through the gateway and assembled on the other side. After two years, Deep Space 18 became fully operational.

Fleet Captain Rex McCormick took command in 2397 with orders to stabilise Starfleet’s presence in the Delta Quadrant. Things were going well until recent encounters with the Voth, as well as an increase in Borg and Hirogen activity in the region and keeping a close eye on their Romulan allies. Starfleet decided to send additional support with the USS Altair joining the station as a support vessel.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Fleet Captain Rex McCormick

Executive Officer – Captain Apollo Onassis