USS Herodotus

Registry: DTI 30656

Assigned Division: Not assigned

Status: Inactive

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

About the Simulation

The year is 2395. Starfleet has determined that despite the Temporal Prime Directive incidents continue to occur involving time. A small Task Force of four vessels is ordered to be constructed by the Department of Temporal Investigations. They vessels would be tasked with patrolling time itself and rescuing anyone and anything that may be stranded in time. The Department of Temporal Investigation (DTI) with the full blessing of Starfleet deploys the Thucydides Class Time ships to achieve this task. They are also charged with mapping all of the temporal anomalies and closing them if they can.

The USS Herodotus is tasked with patrolling time itself. This vessel may be commissioned under a civilian body, but it is crewed by Starfleet. So the question is what of the Temporal Prime Directive. In short, their mission echoes their dedication plaque.

The crew of the Herodotus will balance these warriors in an effort to pacify them. Do they have the patience to combat the greatest warrior… Time?

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Thorrin

Executive Officer – Mikahi th’Rykov

Fleet news

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