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Tips and trips for making your Nova website as awesome as your want.

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    Nova 101

    This guide isn’t really a guide, but an adapted version of the panel we gave during the Khitomer event in February ‘19. I thought it might be useful so I changed it into a guide. A lot of the subjects in this guide will be changed into a guide over time.  We want to show you some amazing things that could improve your website and make things easier for you and your crew. We want to show you examples of what is possible with Nova that you probably didn’t know it could. If you want to know more about something let us know. We plan on writing ‘how to do’…

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    Nova 102 – The Wiki Enigma

    The following is a panel I did a few years ago to give GM’s ideas for improving the wiki on their Nova. A few months ago I did some asking around about what people were struggling most with then it came to Nova, and almost right away multiple people said the Wiki. So, therefor I choose to do this panel about that topic. While I don’t have enough time to walk you through an entire customization of a wiki, I will show you some possibilities of what you can do with it. This will be just a simple showing of what is possible. The most important thing to remember is…

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