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Items in the In Character category focus on events that affect the characters in our game.

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    I.R.W. Ourainavassa – The Story so far

    Eisn, the star of the Romulan system, is set to go supernova. Commander Areinnye of the I.R.W. Dominus decided to do something about the Imperial government’s refusal to act, and formed a small crew around herself, in order to begin an evacuation operation. A small flotilla of refugees left Romulus, and Areinnye hired the service of the mercenary known as Raven to acquire a suitable ship to take the refugees to a new home. This plan, however, was never to come to fruition. On their way to securing a D’Deridex-class warbird, Areinnye was called back to the homeworld, leaving Raven and her crew, as well as some of her own…