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    New Sim – Deep Space 12

    Good Evening everyone, As we prepare for our Fleet Meeting on Saturday, December 19, 2020 I am excited to announce the addition of another game to our growing family. Located deep in the Alpha Quadrant is the Maelstrom, a realm of danger and intrigue that seems designed to kill even a veteran explorer. When the threat of the Romulan Supernova emerged in the 2380s, the Federation withdrew Starfleet forces and left the worlds of the Maelstrom to fend for themselves. After almost two decades the Federation has decided to return to the region to restore peace with Deep Space 12 at the forefront of the adventure! Set concurrent to the…

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    New Sims – USS Copernicus and New Gotham Station/DS5

    Good Evening everyone, I am very excited to announce not one, but two more new additions to our growing family of games. The Starship Copernicus is a Federation Nova Class vessel that’s mission has been built upon the tragedies of the past. While her primary mission it to explore the mysteries of forgotten worlds and civilizations, such as the T’Kon Empire, the ship’s command crew was lost early in their first mission. Now the Ship’s Second Officer has risen to the mantle of Commander and is looking for the next generation of explorers to join them in the final frontier. The Copernicus is a friendly group of writers that are…

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    New Sims – USS Andromeda and USS Merlin

    Greetings everyone,   The last few days have been great ones for Zodiac Fleet and I am very excited to share some important news with each of you today. We have two wonderful new friends joining us in our adventures among the stars! The Starship Andromeda is a Galaxy Class Starship that is focused more on the grass roots of Star Trek: peaceful exploration and seeking out strange new worlds and new life. Headquartered in the beautiful and dangerous region of space known as the Briar Patch, Andromeda takes place 20 years since the reunification of the Ba’ku and Son’a. Medical advances have led to more of the Ba’ku widening their…

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    New Games to Zodiac Fleet

    Good Evening everyone, I know that there have been some questions recently regarding the introduction of new games into Zodiac Fleet. Typically I do not address questions related to why we did or did not accept a game in a public forum, but I am prepared to make an exception today. In the past month Zodiac Fleet has had three applications received for new games to begin within our fleet. Our Membership Team, consisting of Game Masters and Players carefully reviews each application and determines if membership will be offered. Due to limited resources we must judiciously explore requests to join. At this time, for that very reason, we have…

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    New Sim – USS Sarek

    Hello everyone, Please join me in welcoming the U.S.S. Sarek to our growing family of games. The Sarek is a Sovereign Class starship that has been in operation under Captain Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek since 2008. Sarek is also a specialty game, charting a course of adventure where Romulus never fell. We’re excited to have Sarek joining us. Please feel free to discuss at our discord or visit at https://www.uss-sarek.net/ Welcome to the adventure!

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    New Sim – SS Gavia

    Meet the crew of the SS Gavia, civilians of all walks of life trying to make their living on a former Remora class Starfleet vessel,  Join them as they take on what jobs they can, retreat strategically from the rest and form a bond stronger than blood. Please feel free to discuss on our discord or visit them at http://gavia.virtuafarm.net

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    A Message of Solidarity

    Zodiac Fleet is primarily a politics free environment, but today is an important day for our world. There is a lot of fear in our world, a lot of strife, but there is a lot of hope too. I keep thinking of one of my favorite quotes from Picard  “The past is written. But the future is left for us to write. And we have powerful tools: Openness. Optimism. And the spirit of curiosity. All they have is secrecy and fear. And fear is the great destroyer.” Zodiac Fleet is a place of mutual cooperation. We are a place of equality – welcoming of people regardless of race, color, creed,…

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    New Sim – IRW Ourainavassa

    I am pleased to announce that two new ships have joined our team in recent days: Task Group Phoenix is proud to announce that the Romulan Warbird Ourainavassa has become part of our 24th Century adventures. Set in the era of the deadly Supernova, things are about to heat up.  Feel free to discuss this in our Discord channel or visit them at http://ourainavassa.com/ In closing I want to take a moment again just to say thank you to everyone here. We have one of the greatest groups of people I’ve ever met in our team here. I appreciate every last one of you and enjoy the time we spent together…

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    A Message on Current Events

    Good Evening, The last few weeks on our world have truly been interesting times for all of us. We’ve seen examples of the best of humanity, we’ve also seen examples of the worst. We all have a common goal of ensuring that both our families and ourselves remain healthy and safe during these turbulent times. Family is a source of comfort for all of us, especially during trying times. As we all work to protect our families, I want to reassure that our online families are just as important. Zodiac Fleet is more than just a collection of friends, we are a family too. As more and more of us…