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    New Sim: Federation One

    Hello everyone , For those of you who do not know today is my birthday and I get to share a celebratory bit of news with each of you. Zodiac Fleet has grown once more with the official addition of Federation One into our growing group. Federation One is a spin-off of the long running Starfleet One roleplaying game. After a freak accident, Starfleet One has been pulled through time into the dangerous and deadly 32nd Century. In this brave new galaxy they’ve entered the Federation is a shadow of its former self. Hundreds of worlds have fled following a devastating disaster known as the Burn. Now, Starfleet One is a…

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    Nova 102 – The Wiki Enigma

    The following is a panel I did a few years ago to give GM’s ideas for improving the wiki on their Nova. A few months ago I did some asking around about what people were struggling most with then it came to Nova, and almost right away multiple people said the Wiki. So, therefor I choose to do this panel about that topic. While I don’t have enough time to walk you through an entire customization of a wiki, I will show you some possibilities of what you can do with it. This will be just a simple showing of what is possible. The most important thing to remember is…

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    New Coach for Phoenix

    Hello everyone, Recently, our dear friend Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini chose to step down as the Coach of Task Group Phoenix. Captain Hansen has done tremendous work for Zodiac Fleet and has truly helped us to become what we are today. He has left some very big shoes to fill. After a great deal of time and consideration it has been decided that Johnny will be named the new Coach for Task Group Phoenix in Zodiac Fleet. Captain Xerix has been involved with Zodiac Fleet in several capacities over the last year and recently assumed command of one of our very first Picard era games: Deep Space Twelve. He…

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    Hansen stepping down as Coach

    Good Evening everyone, I am afraid that I have some sad news today. Our dear friend Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini has chosen to step down as a Task Group Coach within Zodiac Fleet. I am deeply saddened by this, but I am perfectly understanding of his reasons. His absence in this role is going to be solely missed. When we first created the Coach positions he was one of the first persons nominated for the role and won in a landslide. He has been my constant companion in this group, has brought forth many incredible ideas that have made this fleet a better place, and has been a constant…

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    First Edition of the Zodiac Game Night

    Hello everyone, Do you think you know your Star Trek? Your Andorians to your Tellarites? Your Picard from your Kirk? Your Targs from your tribbles. If you think you do join us for a fun and friendly quiz Saturday night at 8pm GMT in our discord channel. All welcome. Alcohol not a necessity but highly recommended!

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    Changes in Task Groups

    Hello everyone, We have had a very interesting day today in Zodiac Fleet. We have had a lot of discussions and we have made a lot of important, key decisions about the future of our organization. I am excited for the possibilities of what is to come for everyone here and for the course that has been charted. As part of the upcoming changes I am pleased to announce some key changes to our organization. At 2:00 PM today eastern time I have hereby authorized the creation of not one, but two new Task Groups within Zodiac Fleet. The first Task Group, Task Group Ancile, is named in honor of…

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    USS Herodotus is no more

    Hello everyone, Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to announce a lot of exciting developments within Zodiac Fleet. Tonight I am afraid that I have to share a sad one. My dear friend Maj Patton has shared that the Timeship Herodotus has chosen to close. The Herodotus is a fascinating game. Set aboard a Federation timeship in the late 24th Century, the mission of the Herodotus is to both explore and protect time itself. I will deeply miss the Herodotus, but I surely wish each and every member of the team aboard it well. They are now and always will be part of the Zodiac Fleet family.…

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    New Sim – USS Trident

    Good Evening everyone, I have been thinking a lot recently about decisions that I have made and where those actions have taken me. There were times that I turned left when I should have turned right. There have been times where I said yes to an idea that I should have said no to. Some of these were easy questions like “Should I have that second helping of mashed potatoes at dinner?” whereas others have been more complex like “Do I accept this new career or do I stay with the old?” There is a theory in Quantum Physics that each potential answer did occur with the “yes” and “no”…

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    Transcript Fleet Meeting 20-12-2020

    On December, 20th of 2020 we held one of our Fleet Meetings. Below you’ll find a transcript of that meeting. ====/==== Start transcript Fleet meeting ====/==== Captain Melody Jones – Evening all KahlessNestor – Afternoon. Anye Yoshi (USS Aphrodite) – Konichiwa hello Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – puts down glass of egg nog and barrel of rum Happy Holidays all! Fleet Commander Grinch – Hello all Cara Letsul – Hello all Fleet Commander Grinch – Jinx KahlessNestor – Itunes on shuffle Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa – Colonel Sehan t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa, with apologies for the slight tardiness. Jolan tru, and Season’s Greetings. Fleet Commander Grinch – We’re doing things…

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    New Sim: Deep Space 18

    Good Evening everyone, I was once told that what you do on December 31st and January 1st of a year give you an example of what your year will be like. I am very hopeful for this coming year because I have the distinct honor of announcing another new member simulation within our Fleet, led by our dear friend SteveClaypole. Plus, it is exploring something that has been a longstanding goal of this fleet: a return to the Delta Quadrant! Situated at the Delta Quadrant exit of the Terix Gateway, Deep Space 18 is a recently constructed Starbase that serves as the Federation’s home in this distant realm. Their mission is a…

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