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    Transcript Fleet Meeting 20-12-2020

    On December, 20th of 2020 we held one of our Fleet Meetings. Below you’ll find a transcript of that meeting. ====/==== Start transcript Fleet meeting ====/==== Captain Melody Jones – Evening all KahlessNestor – Afternoon. Anye Yoshi (USS Aphrodite) – Konichiwa hello Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – puts down glass of egg nog and barrel of rum Happy Holidays all! Fleet Commander Grinch – Hello all Cara Letsul – Hello all Fleet Commander Grinch – Jinx KahlessNestor – Itunes on shuffle Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa – Colonel Sehan t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa, with apologies for the slight tardiness. Jolan tru, and Season’s Greetings. Fleet Commander Grinch – We’re doing things…

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    A Double Invitation

    It’s with great pleasure that I announce not just one event, but two. On Saturday December 19th Zodiac Fleet will hold our Quarterly Get Together, followed by a Live Roleplaying Game. After the success of the Live RPG we held on Zodiac’s 19th Birthday we discussed repeating the event. The story isn’t fully fleshed out at the moment, except that it will be a party atmosphere. We currently have a few people who signed up. If you’d like to participate check out the room on our discord #winter-wonderland. Before the live RPG we’d like to discuss a few things with you. Some changes to the fleet but also our plans…

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    New Sim – Poseidon Station

    Please join me in welcoming Starbase 50 – Poseidon Station to our growing family of games. Poseidon Station is an Ithaca Class Station in orbit above the planet Aquil and is situated 30 light-years from the Breen homeworld. Poseidon uses an open-world concept in its storytelling, focusing on character development and world building. I am certain that I speak for everyone here when I say how excited we are to have Poseidon Station joining us. Please feel free to welcome and discuss Poseidon Station in the #fleet-discussion channel or visit their website at: http://poseidon.mietye.net/index.php/main/index Welcome home Poseidon!

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    Project Destiny, Captain’s Log, October 2020

    Since my arrival I have been greeted by the CEO of the company. A strange kind of man, who insists on a place in one of the two main teams here. His team, is currently undergoing preparations for a mission of his own. A personal family matter, but as it is his resources I have been given charge of, I must allow him to use them as he see’s fit. My other main team; team alpha, has been charged with the responsibility of investigating the collapse of the star in the Herrendez system. A strange happenstance that I am convinced is more than meets the eye. Star Fleet of course…

  • Command Resources

    Operating Modes

    Operating modes are utilized by Starfleet to indicate the readiness level of the crew and the facility during a mission. These are also known as Conditions in some situations. Colored Conditions Condition: Green Condition: Green, or Cruise Mode, is the basic level of readiness for any Starfleet facility. During this mode off duty crew are able to pursue R&R activities and all shipboard activities are permitted, provided they do not conflict with another approved activity. Condition: Blue Condition: Blue – also known as Blue Alert – is a status level called when an installation is facing an increased level of readiness. Typically a Blue Alert is called when an uncommon incident has occurred such…

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    Watch Rotations

    A Watch Rotation is the division of labor of Starbase and Starship personnel to ensure optimal operation and provide services through all hours of each day of the week. The watch rotation practice typically sees the day divided into watches (or shifts) which are set periods of time during which different groups of workers perform their duties. At present in Starfleet two primary rotation types are utilized: a 3 shift rotation and a 4 shift rotation. Watch Periods Duty The Duty Shift is the period where a staff member is responsible for carrying out his or her assigned duties in the operation of the station or vessel. During this period this a minimum of…

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    General Orders

    General Order Number Description General Order 1 As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel, Federation citizen and/or representative may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship/installation, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and…

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  • Game Manager Resources

    Posting Ideas

    All writers – from veteran writers to newcomers – will run into situations where they may have difficulty coming up with an idea of what to write. To help with this we have developed Posting Ideas to help you overcome your writer’s block General Posting Ideas A computer malfunction reassigns your character to another department for a duty shift. A malfunction in your quarters mean you have to share a room while repairs are being made and you don’t get along with your new roommate. Your character celebrates a holiday. Your character checks on the personnel assigned to your department. Your character decides to go back to school and takes a correspondence…

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    Recruitment Ad

    Developing Your Ad Subject Line This is, surprisingly, the most important part of any advertisement that you post about your game and is like the tagline of a movie poster or trailer. The subject line has to draw the attention of your reader because if they don’t like it or it doesn’t speak to them then no one is going to open the link and read your ad. While the name of your ship or station is important it isn’t important enough for the subject line. Example Subject Line Eternity Awaits Beyond the Final Frontier On the Verge of Peace… On the Brink of War… One Rebellion to Save Paradise…

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