2023 Quarter 1 Awards

Quarter 1 (January – March) of 2023 has come to a close and Zodiac Fleet is proud to announce that the following winners of our Quarterly Awards. 

It is with great pleasure that I want to announce the following winners:

Citation for Gallantry – TIE

The Citation for Gallantry is awarded to the players involved in the Zodiac Fleet Post of the Quarter.

We are very excited to announce that for post of the quarter we have a tie. They are:

From Andromeda – Through the looking glass – Hanafubuki – Goodbye Xu was selected. The post clearly shows just how respected Xu was and that there was great love for the character on the Drommie. The crew heavily researched Japanese customs as part of their posting to honor their culture as well.

From Triton Seabase – Looking for Candy… was chosen. The post is a great example of a joint post gone right and perfectly showcases the characters involved.

Legion of Merit – Kentar Chinari

This award is a commendation for a Zodiac Fleet player who has gone above and beyond in the past quarter for their game and the fleet.

Commander Kentar Chinari was unanimously voted for in honor of contributions made to the management of the U.S.S. Sarek

Unit Citation – I.R.W. Ourainavassa

The Zodiac Fleet Unit Citation is awarded in recognition of the Zodiac Fleet Game of the Quarter.

For Quarter 1 of 2023 we are excited to award the Unit Citation to the I.R.W. Ourainavassa. The Ourainavassa is called by many within Zodiac Fleet the “guilty pleasure” because of the incredible stories that they tell. Set aboard a Romulan vessel in the months leading up to the Romulan Supernova, the Ourainavassa is in a constant struggle to try to turn back the nightfall upon the Romulan Star Empire and save as many lives as they can.

Congratulations to all the winners! They are well deserved. 


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