USS Pioneer, Captain’s Log, November 2021

USS Pioneer, Captain’s Log Stardate 74875.17
The Pioneer has docked once again at Empok Nor. It is bittersweet for us as this station has been our home for so many years. And yet this time we come home at a loss. Our first foray into Romulan diplomacy was both a success and failure.

The Success: We made first contact with a race known as the Jutrai. They have stated that they have been under the thumb of the Romulans much like the Remans. These people appear like Romulans save for their stark white hair. Since the Hobus disaster they have been branching out and making a name for themselves and have now reached out to the Federation. They have strange ways and tested the crew to learn about our ways. One Ambassador even went as far a sabotaging a shuttlecraft that she was in to see how our pilots handle stress. While unorthodox I believe that these people are genuine and look forward to more dealings with them in the future.

The Failure: While en route to make first contact my science officer learned that his sister, a Starfleet Cadet had been kidnapped. This happened while the Cadet was at the Academy on Earth. The fact that we were heading into Romulan space, and my science officer was Romulan was not lost on me. Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr’Hwersuil requested permission to go after his sister Lyie. I could not let my old friend go alone. So under the guise of going on shore leave, Vaebn, Captain Corneilius Tremble, and myself took a team deep into Romulan space. Once there I was disturbed by what I saw. The once mighty empire stood in shambles. We tracked Lyie and her kidnapper to a Romulan outpost where an Away Team led by Tremble went in and got her back. She was brainwashed and believed herself to be a Romulan spy. So now we come home and one of my dearest friends is leaving the ship to take his sister to Earth for treatment. You may ask why this is a failure, well it hurts to lose a friend, but what is more is that we failed Lyie. She is in torment now and one hopes that the Counselors on Earth can bring her back.

When I returned to the ship I learn that when it rains it pours. I congratulated my XO Quinn O Flannagain on his promotion to Captain and commended him on his new ship. But I would be lying if I said I was not heartbroken to lose my right hand. Thankfully Commodore Rice, and General Sobel agreed that a joint venture between the fleet and the corps was in order. So now Captain Tremble or should I say Major Tremble is my XO. At least I can keep some of the family together. So many changes and yet most for are for the better or so one hopes.

So, we return to Empok Nor and we make new friends and keep the old. The crew is off to enjoy their home on shore leave. Some are taking the Oakley to Risa. Well they should enjoy themselves, they damn sure earned it. The best news I have heard in these grueling months in Romulan space was that my wife, my beloved Kat is pregnant. So the Captain who boarded his ship for the first time all those years ago and said that my ship will not be a home to families, is having a family. Go figure…. But I will tell you this I can’t wait for the pitter patter of little feet all over those decks. Hell, I may even sit them on my knee while I command the ship.

End Log
Until next time
Steady As She Goes,

Captain Tyler Malbrooke – Commanding Officer USS Pioneer


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