USS Gemini, Captain’s Log, April 2021

“Ship’s Log, USS Gemini, Stardate 98846.69, Captain Sam Hansen Reporting

After another encounter with the Xindi like insectoids, I am pleased to be returning to space dock. The encounter we had with the insectoids was harrowing to say the least. If the species wasn’t scary enough, it seems the creatures have at least one subspecies that have psychic abilities.

Unfortunately, most of the crew, myself included, found out the hard way. The Betazoids amongst us were the hardest hit. Two of my officers, Lieutenant Rochelle and Lieutenant Commander are returning to Betazed to seek help in relation to the mental trauma.

An away team, led by Commander Sharp, found a planetoid in the Tensen Nebula that at first seemed like it was a Romulan research base. There was something way worse there though, an entire colony of insectoids. The Romulans there seemed to be watching over them, but from what the away team has indicated, the bugs had no qualms about killing Romulans near them. Lieutenant Scion is heading the team that is sifting through the petabytes of data retrieved from the facility. After all that has happened, the only bug I ever hope to see again is a butterfly while sipping a drink on the beaches of Risa.

End Log”

Open Position as of March 31st–

Chief of Security

Chief of Operations

Chief Science Officer

Junior Officers


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