USS Britannic, Captain’s Log, April 2021

Captain’s log, Captain Lukas Fredricks, Commanding USS Britannic

The Britannic has had a couple of turbulent days. Our mission at Lamenda started well with the field hospitals being erected and replicator stations installed at various locations across the planet plus the medical pod has been at capacity since we started accepting Cardassian patients.

However, we had a spate of unexplained Cardassian deaths. Doctor Marion and her team were unable to explain why patients, who were on the mend and recovering well, suddenly deteriorated and ended up dying of cardiac arrests. Since then, both the Chief Medical Officer and the security department have worked tirelessly to find out who or what was responsible. Sadly, it was found to be one of the medical team, whose family had been made to suffer during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. She had found and was able to replicate the formula which was used during the Occupation by the Cardassian’s on her own family. Ensign Aryo targeted random Cardassian patients in her killing spree which totalled in 11 Cardassian deaths. She currently sits in our brig and will be delivered to the appropriate authorities when we get to the nearest Starbase.

Next, we located the Zahrikhat Prison thanks to the help of a young lad, Zirvell Khen, who had been helping Zaggor Pell, the self appointed saviour of the Lamenda colony. He directed us to prison as he thought there was something strange going on which Pell was keeping secret. Surely enough, my officers went into the prison to find that over 120 Federation citizens were still being kept there. We began medical care for these people and made them comfortable until the medical pod was cleared so we could bring them aboard.

Mr Pell didn’t take to kindly to Zirvell informing us about the prison and tried to murder him aboard the ship. Pell was taken into custody and both Cardassian and Federation Governments have agreed that he should stand trial in the Federation. Like Ensign Aryo, Mr Pell will be handed over when we arrive at the nearest Starbase.


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