What is a Favicon

A favicon is a small image that will load on the tab where your page is opened or accompany a bookmark to your site. Depending on the browser, off course. There are probably different ways of doing this but I wrote a short about how I create mine, because I think this way is not that complicated or tricky.

Note: This is how I do it with my Nova sites. Might not work the same with other kind of websites. WordPress for example has a feature within it to incorporate your favicon.

How to create a favicon

Step 1: This might be the hardest step. You need to find an image that is fitting for your site, an image people would immediately recognize as being connected to your site. But without too much details in it. The favicon is going to be scaled down a lot, to 16×16 pixels, so there won’t be many details left after the scaling.

Step 2: I always use https://www.favicon.cc to create the favicon. Also, because it gives you a preview of how you image would look like.

Step 3: Click on import image and select your image. Press upload.

Step 4: Check how your favicon would look like. If you like it, click on Download Favicon.

Step 5: Open the program you normally use to upload files to your server. Place the favicon file in your home/base folder. The same folder where your Nova installation is. If your nova is installed on a subdomain, then also place your favicon is that subdomain home folder.

That’s it. Most browsers should pick it up now. Try refreshing your page to test if it works.


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