Changes in Task Groups

Hello everyone,

We have had a very interesting day today in Zodiac Fleet. We have had a lot of discussions and we have made a lot of important, key decisions about the future of our organization. I am excited for the possibilities of what is to come for everyone here and for the course that has been charted.

As part of the upcoming changes I am pleased to announce some key changes to our organization. At 2:00 PM today eastern time I have hereby authorized the creation of not one, but two new Task Groups within Zodiac Fleet.

The first Task Group, Task Group Ancile, is named in honor of the twelve sacred shields kept in the Temple of Mars. I am pleased to announce that Kate has been appointed to serve as the Coach for this Task Group.

Additionally, I have appointed Jakers to serve as the Coach for Task Group Cetus, our second new Task Group. Cetus is named in honor of a sea monster both Perseus and Heracles needed to slay to save Andromeda and Hesione.

I am very pleased to have these new Task Groups and I look forward to their adventures. At 2:30 PM today, eastern time again, I have authorized the following two changes to the remaining Task Groups.

The development of the new Task Groups has led to reassignments of fleet member games to new Task Groups under new leaders.

I have also chosen to step down as the leader of Task Group Titan and have chosen Capt Barrett to succeed me in this role.

As a final act today I am authorizing, at their discretion, that they may promote their characters to Rear Admiral both in and out of character if they so choose.

I want to thank everyone for all the amazing work that they do to make this fleet a better place. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to what the future will bring for all of you.