New Sim – USS Trident

Good Evening everyone,

I have been thinking a lot recently about decisions that I have made and where those actions have taken me. There were times that I turned left when I should have turned right. There have been times where I said yes to an idea that I should have said no to. Some of these were easy questions like “Should I have that second helping of mashed potatoes at dinner?” whereas others have been more complex like “Do I accept this new career or do I stay with the old?” There is a theory in Quantum Physics that each potential answer did occur with the “yes” and “no” both happening. That’s one of the most interesting questions of reality for me. The newest member of our family is embracing the question of “What If?”

It’s a time of sorrow. While pursuing peace with the Klingon Empire, Federation President Ra’ghoratreii was viciously murdered by Agents of the Klingon Empire in cold blood. The warriors of the Empire swore in the name of their fallen Chancellor Gorkon that there would be no peace so long as the Federation lived. The Federation believed it to be a fool’s errand. With the devastation wrought upon their homeworld the Klingons would be easily overcome, of that there was no question. Emboldened by their victory and intent on their death chants echoing throughout the halls of Sto’vo’kor the Klingons have taken great swaths of Federation territory in their pursuit of conquest and justice. The Federation is on the verge of destruction and it is the mission of the Starship Trident to try to push back the long night before the Federation is lost to the pages of history.  

I’m very excited to have the Trident joining our growing family and thank all who awaited this announcement. Please feel free to welcome our newest member in the fleet-discussion channel on our Fleet Discord.


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