Deep Space 18, Captain’s Log, December 2020

Fleet Captain Rex McCormick, commanding Deep Space Eighteen.

Well, I’ve said goodbye to most if not all of my senior officers. Starfleet’s timing hasn’t been great with this reallocation of resources. I am apprehensive about who I get to replace the officers I’ve lost. We’ve had a good working relationship over the past couple of years.
The Voth have been more active in the last couple of months. The Ticonderoga is currently docked at the station undergoing battle damage after a brief scuffle with a Voth scout ship.

We’ve also heard from the Malon that there’s a Hirogen hunting party in the region which we need to be mindful of, so losing my senior staff at this difficult time isn’t ideal. However, it was nice to see my former command the Atreus come through the Terix Gateway. I had a good chat with Captain Koji and he seems to have settled nicely in his role as Captain. He was definitely the right choice to replace me.

On a slightly more positive note, I’m looking forward to seeing what the USS Altair has to offer. I’ve seen the specs and she looks like she’ll be a good addition to Deep Space Eighteen’s compliment of ships.


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