USS Gemini – Breaking News, May 2020

“This is Federation News Network reporter Chuck Finley with breaking news. The Draedan system sun unexpectedly went Super Nova today.  Sadly, nearly one-hundred thousand individuals lost their lives, including FNN’s very own Natalia Morrison, when Draeda V was destroyed. As Draeda V was the home of the just opened joint Federation, Klingon, and Romulan colony, the state of intergalactic affairs and the recent cessation of hostilities is now in jeopardy.

A handful of civilian ships escaped the devastation. In addition, a number of coalition ships led by the USS Gemini did what they could to evacuate some from the planet. All in all, approximately one thousand lives were saved. We now go to a live feed with the CO of the Gemini, Captain Sam Hansen.”

*awkward pause*

“What do you mean we don’t have the live feed?”


“You are an incompetent boob. You had one job, get me Captain Hansen for an interview. I swear, this place is going to hell.”

*walks off set*

FNN- Please Stand By, we are experiencing technical difficulties.


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