USS Gemini, Captain’s Log, April 2020

Captain’s Log, Stardate 97930.35, Captain Sam Hansen Reporting

We managed to get to Draeda V in one piece with no more mysteries. On the good side, we brought on our new Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander Bennett and it seems like she will be a good fit. I feel bad as I asked her to take on the Chief Science Officer role until Commander Jaeih’s replacement arrives.

On the not so good side, by chance most of the senior crew ended up at a bar on the planet. It was a decent bar by the looks. Some of us didn’t get to stay long as some Klingon’s got a bit aggressive with some of the ladies of the ship. My diplomacy could have been much better and I could have been a better example of a captain, except for the fact that I punched one of the Klingons.

After myself, Commander Kroqus, and Lieutenant Broderick were released from the local security offices I went to see Admiral McCormick. After I got a new ass chewed, I did run into an old flame of mine. The night got better.

End Log

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