Captain’s Log, Team Scorpio

Military log, supplemental, Colonel Horatio Refelian Commanding.

So, Starfleet have assigned my team to a small civilian controlled station by the Typhon Expanse. It’s location seems key for my team having access to the northern powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

My team is arriving slowly. I’m impressed with the talent that has been sent my way, however, the lack of military within the team leaves me worried. I’m sure it’s just early gitters, once we get working together I’m sure the team will begin to gel.

Our first mission will be a good test. We’re being sent into Romulan space to retrieve a Senator who has been feeding Intelligence information for a number of years. Seems simple enough but the location will be testing. A Tal Shiar resort for high ranking Romulan officials and military personnel.

We have a plan and a fall back. Hopefully the mission will be a success.

On a side note, I’m not sure why Starfleet have sent me a child as a pilot. We shall see if has what it takes…

End log


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