USS Gemini Captain’s Log, January 2020

“Captain’s log, Stardate 47634.44, Captain Sam Hansen reporting

I am pleased that Starfleet has returned me to command of a Starship versus a desk.  There are too many things to investigate for me to have to make a fight for a ship or find my own.  It is another Prometheus class vessel and my request for her to receive the name of Gemini was granted. One thing I am more pleased at than getting a new ship, is that I was able to convince my former senior staff to believe in me again and join me in the search for those that took the lives of so many of our crew mates and left us with so few memories of the situation.

Before we do get back to investigating the group, we have been given a mission that from first impressions, should be a cake walk. Famous last words for sure. We are to deliver supplies and a diplomatic envoy to the new Federation, Romulan, and Klingon joint colony on Draeda V. Many are calling this Nimbus episode two given the tensions of the last eight years. Significantly more resources are being dedicated to this endeavor by all parties involved. I believe there are many who have true hope for this to succeed. The Gemini and her crew will do what we can to help the hopeful realize their dream.

End Log.”