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Since its creation way back in 2001 on a little Trek Message Board known as the TrekBBS Zodiac Fleet has been an all-encompassing part of my life. It has been a major project for me, something that I have devoted a lot of time to, to build an organization by gamers for gamers with the intention of providing a fun, friendly environment where all can have fun. Except for the year after my children were born I have been the Fleet Commander for Zodiac Fleet and working with our Game Masters to develop quality games that were fun for all involved. I have never once regretted this decision or time commitment. You are all worth it to me and continue to be.

Fast forward to December 2019. As many of you know last year I had surgery – while minor it has led me to carefully consider some things and my priorities (especially as I have more testing coming in the near future as the problem I experienced has not ended with the surgery). Because of this I have decided to make a few changes to my role within this organization for the betterment of all involved. While I am not stepping down as Fleet Commander, I am looking to expand the opportunities for our members to take a more active role in the future of Zodiac Fleet. This is as much my group as yours – I still truly believe that my title is more honorary than anything – but I also realize that a lot of time people defer to my wishes for our future. This has led me to look for options to help this group continue to grow.

Each person in this Fleet is a leader and an important part of our team. This is something that we will NEVER lose sight of so long as I am here. Nonetheless, I do need help with the day to day operations of this organization. Because of this we have discussed at our most recent Membership Meeting to develop a new position within our Fleet the position of Task Group Mentor.

Zodiac Fleet currently has two active Task Groups. Task Group Phoenix consists of games prior to and including the 24th Century. Task Group Titan contains our games set in the 25th Century and after. The Task Group Mentor will work with the games of a Task Group to establish a positive, rewarding experience for our organizations participants.

The Task Group Mentor will have the following responsibilities:

  • Work with the Fleet Commander to develop a positive simming experience for participants of the Task Group.
  • Work with the Task Group Game Masters to develop quality storylines including facilitating crossover storylines.
  • Work with the Task Group Game Masters to resolve problems that may develop requiring the input of an objective third party.
  • Work with the Outreach Team to recruit new member games and players into the Task Group.
  • Work with the Academy Director to identify training needs for new/current players.
  • Work with potential Game Masters on development of new games with the Fleet Commander’s input.

The following criteria will be considered for the Task Group Mentor Role:

  • The Task Group Mentor will be nominated from the Game Masters within the Task Group he/she will represent.
    • A candidate must be nominated by someone else and will not, under normal circumstances, be permitted to nominate his/herself.
    • A nominee may accept/defer/or refuse nomination.
  • Nominations will be accepted during the month of February 2020
    • Nominations will be notified via e-mail or Direct Message to the Fleet Commander.
      • The Fleet Commander will notify the nominated Game Manager of their candidacy within 24 hours of receipt of the nomination.
      • The nominee will have 48 hours to decide to accept/defer/or refuse the nomination.
        • With acceptance of the nomination the candidate agrees that they will not receive financial compensation for the Task Group Mentor role.
      • Nominees may not hold a leadership role within another simming organization at this time. This has been done in order to prevent the perception of conflict of interest on the part of the Game Manager in decision making or assistance projects.
    • If no nominations have been made by February 20, 2020 the Fleet Commander will amend this announcement that self-nominations may be made until February 29, 2020.
  • If no nominee if found by February 29, 2020 the Fleet Commander will appoint a Task Group Mentor.
  • Voting will occur on the Zodiac Fleet Discord
    1. Voting will open on March 1, 2020 in the announcements channel.
      1. If only one candidate has been nominated for a Task Force voting will not occur and the candidate appointed.
      2. Candidates will be able to answer questions on the Zodiac Fleet Discord in the Fleet Discussion channel.
    2. Voting will conclude on March 8, 2020.

Best of luck to all the candidates and thank you all for everything that you do to make Zodiac Fleet the best simming group on the web!

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson
Commanding Officer
Zodiac Fleet


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