USS Gemini Captain’s Log

“Captain’s Log, Stardate, 97600.56, Captain Sam Hansen reporting.

am amazed that I got a new ship without going through a period of administrative evaluation so to speak before being put back in the center seat. It is nice that I was assigned to another Prometheus class opposed to some freighter. Not only that, I was able to get her renamed Gemini. It will be nice to see what she can do all in one piece, given how well her predecessor performed in what can only be described as a shamble. Most importantly, I was able to convince the senior members of that Gemini to serve with me on this one. They performed more than admirably given the condition we found ourselves in two months ago.

Although I wish to honor the one-hundred and forty who died in our last mission by continuing the search for our mystery attackers, Starfleet has other plans for us right now. We are to take supplies and a diplomatic party to Draeda V, where a joint outpost / colony of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans has been established to try and calm the turmoil that was caused when the Hobus star went super-nova. I don’t envy our diplomatic party in this.  Some say this has Nimbus III written all over it and expect it to fail within six months.

I hope cooler heads will prevail, but only time will tell. All that I can do now is to make sure that the Gemini does her part to make this success. I have no doubt with the crew that is assembled that one hundred percent will be given.

End Log.”


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