New Sim – USS Aphrodite

Tranquility Base, Luna – Deep within the shipyards of Tranquility Base the latest in the long line of Intrepid Class Starships is being fitted out for an adventure among the stars.

Christened the USS Aphrodite, the vessel has been placed under the command of Captain Elena Lightwood and has been assigned to follow in the footsteps of its sister ship the Starship Voyager. Outfitted with technologies discovered during Voyager’s sojourn in the Delta Quadrant, the Aphrodite is destined to traverse the slipways of the Delta Quadrant once more on behalf of the Federation. Her mission will continue the tenets upon which the Federation and Starfleet were founded: to seek out new worlds and civilizations.

Final crew are being requisitioned now for an adventure a lifetime in the making.


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