USS Gemini Captain’s Log -Dec. 2019

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 47634.44, Captain Sam Hansen reporting. We are in a rather precarious position. We are severely damaged to the point where I am not sure if the Corps of Engineers will repair the Gemini or deem her a total loss and scuttle her. Worse than that is that of a starting crew of 175, only 29 of us remain. Many of them seem to have had something in their chests that was forcibly extracted.

The remains were a horrific sight. The death and damage I can accept as that is the danger with the uniform. What I am having a hard time dealing with is the fact that none of us have memories of the event, nor do our sensors contain any information about it, beyond the fact that we rescued a shuttle and pilot that were under attack by a vessel we can barely make out in that shuttle sensor logs. What do I tell the families and loved ones of the crew that died when I don’t even have memory of what happened? I am not sure if we crossed into some border of a race we have never encountered? Were we attacked randomly? Was there something greater behind it. We may never know and that I am having a hard time accepting.

The good thing is that we are underway to Starbase 211. I was able to contact the CO and they will be organizing help for us as we aren’t able to go faster than warp two. I feel like I could get out and push the ship faster. That said, we are alive, and I have to remind myself one step at a time. End Log”

Captain Hansen

USS Gemini


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