To the Batcave!

September 21, 2019 – Today is Batman Day 2019. Today is just one of many days this year for celebrating one of the most famous literary characters in history: Batman. 2019 is also historic for the Dark Knight as it has been 80 years since Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of the Caped Crusader, and 30 years since the premiere of Tim Burton’s Batman film in June 1989.

You may be wondering why a primarily Star Trek Roleplaying Group is honoring Batman. The Zodiac Fleet would like to take the time to acknowledge our Continuing Heroes division as we celebrate Gotham’s defender. Continuing Heroes is the part of Zodiac Fleet that focuses on Superhero games. We are also using this day to announce our newest game for that division: Legends of Gotham.

Legends of Gotham is a Batman focused roleplay game that will be starting in the very near future. A Nova based game, Legends of Gotham will be an amalgam of different Batman media including the Burton films, Nolan films, and the Arkham games, and the comics that started it all. Development is in progress now and persons interested are encouraged to visit our Discord to learn more.

The members of the Zodiac Fleet look forward to what our future holds and the adventures we all share. As the Legends of Gotham begin, we also cannot forget the adventures that started it all amongst the stars.

Always remember: “The human adventure is just beginning.” 


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