New Sims – Gemini

Please join me in officially welcoming the Starship Gemini to the 16th Fleet. The Gemini is a Prometheus Class Starship that will be set in the era following the destruction of Romulus.

It is 2395 and many of the challenges that faced the galaxy after the super-nova of the Hobus star have settled. The United Federation of Planets is now relied on even more to keep peace. 

A new threat looms on the horizon, one which the Federation may have to make some hard choices on if it is to survive. Leading the vanguard to face that threat is Captain N’Evran and the crew of the USS Gemini. 

Please click here to visit their website.

We are very happy to have the Gemini with us.

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson

Commanding Officer

16th Fleet


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